Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Silent 0.9.0


Slots: 32
Location: France
Anti Cheat: Silent
XP Save: Unlimited
ET Maps: Custom Vote
Balanced Teams: on
Friendly Fire: off
Double Jump: on
Selfkill: Allowed
Hitbox Style: ETPro
Status: Public

Weapon Restrictions:

Shotgun: disabled
Adrenaline: Enabled
Poison knives: disabled
Trip mines: disabled
Poison mines: disabled
Throwing knives: Enabled



MineCraft Master+



Slots: 20
Location: France
Anti Cheat: Standard
Skill Save: Unlimited
World Map: Quark World
Survival Mode: Activated
TeamKill: on
Flying: off
Difficulty: Easy
Hunger: Enabled
Status: Public


Spawn Protection: disabled
Factions: disabled
Chest Locks: disabled
Griefing: enabled
Starting Items: disabled
World Chunks: Enabled


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Total Posts: 105
Total Members: 175
Newest Member: white
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iVvin: Good morning
Chuck: Altum
Chuck: Could you add me on discord? I'd like to talk with you.
hithere: test
mayhem: Well hello there
iVvin: Hey guys! I wopuld like to change picture in my profile , how to?
iVvin: guuys srsly 3 days nobody is here? How this comunnity wanna work this way hmm? Useless to open this if nobody visit servers and forum
henryturu: *Say thank you..* NIPPLE SALADS!! *Close enough...*
Altumfx: Click on your profile and then edit profile on the right
Tigress: Hi all (:
Altumfx: Tigress :D
Tigress: Yeeeeees ahah :)
Ket04: This is all so weird tho
sandels: Nice to see Quark back in business.
henryturu: Eyy!! Sandels! My beer! I mean... Wait...
white: Somehow. All of you get me very excited!
white: Test.
henryturu: Woo... This activity... Blowa my mind...
henryturu: blows*